ALZHIR – Camp of Women’s Tears Private Tour

ALZHIRALZHIR – Akmola camp for the wives of traitors of Motherland – one of the largest camps of Soviet Union and one of the three “islands” of the “Gulag Archipelago”. The camp was opened in the beginning of 1938, when it received the first stages of the prisoners – mostly members of the families of traitors. According to incomplete data, the number of repressed exceeded 18,000 convicts.

In 2007 at the former site of the correctional camp was opened as the Museum and Memorial Complex of Victims of Political Repression and Totalitarism, which you will visit during the tour.

At the entrance to the museum there is “Arch of Grief,” and further are two compositions “Despair and Powerlessness” and “Fight and Hope” – in memory to the families forever separated by cruel time. The tunnel, where on the walls represented the tragic moments of parting with children, cruel and unfair court of the Three, a prison cell and a punishment cell, helps to plunge into the atmosphere of repressions.

The exposition of the museum is located on hall perimeter, that involves the visitor in a vicious circle and immerses in the historical past of Kazakhstan. At the end of excursion you will have an opportunity to watch 20-minute documentary film.

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