During an excursion in Astana, one can see many amazing architectural structures, but also one can notice a huge alien spaceship, landed among ordinary houses. Do not be frightened: this giant flying dish in the center of the city is just a Circus’ building, designed in an unusual shape. Fantastic silhouette of the circus could not have come at a better time to answer the Astana modern style and blend perfectly into the city’s architecture.

Inside the circus there is an arena of 13 meters in diameter, with 2,000 grandstands around it. Its stage is equipped with mechanisms to change grounds: for flying under the dome, trapeze, skating rink, riding hall and so on. Next to the circus building, there are many office facilities: a hotel complex, administrative unit and aviary.

The circus troupe numbers over 300 people, including both young circus artists with modern numbers, and honored circus artists, the winners of different international competitions, with classic role specialization. The Astana circus staff goes on a regular basis on tour to the countries of Asia, receiving the best responses from the audience abroad. Their circus numbers include such genres of circus art as: clownery, gymnastics, acrobatics, illusions and tricks, animal shows and so on.